Girl punk

girl punk

5 Women-Fronted Punk Bands We're Obsessed With . In fact, being a female - fronted punk band wasn't something she consciously realized. So what's exciting about the current crop of female -driven punk bands is not just their abundance but the sheer sonic diversity. From the primal. " Girls invented punk rock, not England," reads one of Sonic Youth co-leader Kim Gordon's famous feminist shirts. While Gordon wasn't in an. The Lunachicks were a peculiar New York City breed of punk that looked back to grimy Gotham and channeled the likes of Wendy O. Possibly the best band name to grace this list, The Forty Whacks is this a Lizzie Borden reference? Throughout the journey of being a band, learning to be polite, gracious, and pragmatic has been a staple, and one of the most important lessons the group has encountered. You can feel the rage from years of being labeled as outcasts in every lyric. Having met year old Ari Up at a Patti Smith concert, they formed the all-women punk band, The Slits, playing gigs with The Clashthe Sex Pistolsthe Buzzcocks and. Hole was formed Los Angeles, California in bubble hit christmas singer and guitarist Courtney Love and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson.


girl punk bands

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